Sunday, December 27, 2009


One of my dearest possessions is 20-year old photo taken of me and my best friend at her graduation from the F.B.I. academy in Quantico, Virginia. In the years that have followed, I have heard with great pride of her advancement in her profession, something that I think would not be possible without the shared values and interests that I noticed in her colleagues, regardless of their different racial and ethnic backgrounds. It was clear to me from their behavior that being American transcended these differences and that brings me to the subject of this posting and the one that will follow in a few days.

Ethnicity consists of distinctive, often communal values that for all of their variety, tie the members of one group together via a genetic and/or linguistic link. For example, Arab communities stretch from Northern Africa throughout the entire Middle East, yet many people mistakenly believe that the unifying factor is the Muslim faith (it is the Arabic language). In fact, although most Arabs are indeed Muslims, there are sizable Arab Christian communities also. Other examples of important ethnic groups are the Kurds, Jews, Gypsies, and, of course, the multi-ethnic peoples of India, whose genetic ancestry is now considered to be largely indigenous to the Indian sub-continent. But the strongest link among each of these ethnic groups is birth, as Saddam Hussein learned too late: you cannot force Kurds to become Arabs anymore than you can tie a pair of eagle wings on a falcon and expect it to fly. True, the two birds have much in common, but their differences are what matter most.

What then, can be the motive of people who appear to voluntarily seek to assume the ethnicity of another group? In the case of the five American Muslim men who recently went to Pakistan seeking to affiliate themselves with the most readily available Islamic terrorist organization, their attempts were rejected one after another for the simple reason that none of them speak Arabic. However, the best example of the damage would-be “Arabs” can wreak is the murder, rape, and pillaging committed for years now by the native “Islamic” terrorists in East Africa. These miscreants, armed to the teeth and bankrolled by genuine Arab terrorists from the Middle East, regard themselves as vastly superior to their non-Muslim countrymen and kill them as if they are vermin for no reason other than the joy such monsters take in exterminating the helpless. They are pawns themselves of the enemies of liberty who must laugh themselves silly thinking of a bunch of splay-footed savages imaging themselves to be Arabs simply because they have “converted” to Islam. In truth, the only thing they have in common with their gun-suppliers is their fatalism and inhumanity.

If these disasters occur because of linguistic and racial issues chasing out would-be members of an alien ethnic group, those who seek to affiliate themselves with another ethic group through religious means have the potential for creating the most damage. The subject of my next posting will deal specifically with the efforts of non-Hindus in countries with large Muslim populations to recreate themselves as Hindus and the repercussions of these strange ethnic mix-ups.


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