Thursday, July 15, 2010


Some readers of this blog have wondered how I could take such risks publishing material about the Hare Krishna (ISKCON) cult despite knowing from experience how violent and deranged some of their members can be. To answer, here’s what I call the “burning building” analogy: suppose you managed to escape a building with a fire in the basement and were so bent on your survival that you failed to warn the other occupants or those you saw entering as you fled. What would you think when the flames consumed them and you knew you had done nothing to alert them about the danger awaiting them? For years I was in exactly this frame of mind about my escape from the Hare Krishna sect. My reasons were many: I had to provide for myself and my son and the abuse I suffered was so severe that almost two decades passed before I could openly discuss it. This opportunity arose when I came upon an ISKCON women’s forum on the Internet back in November 1999 and decided to tell them about how my ex-husband tried to kill me and my unborn son when I was 8 ½ months pregnant.

Moreover, this disclosure was particularly risky since the perpetrator, Gopal Krishna Goswami, was now a Hare Krishna guru with thousands of disciples. Yet I persevered, firm in the knowledge that I could not put off warning others not to go into the “building” of my analogy—in this case, their opulent ISKCON temples—that seem so pleasant (see my blog entry below), yet are rotten at their very core. As I finished writing that warning and started the long and protracted process of writing my autobiography, I felt like the phoenix of legend, born again after being consumed by flames, soaring to the heavens.

To those of you who have been burned by cults or are wondering about joining one, let me assure you too can feel freer and fly higher if you trust in your innate reasoning powers. Turn away from those chanting charlatans and their idol-worshipping, woman-hating propaganda. Most of all, spurn the “quick fix” mentality that has hoodwinked so many others into believing a lot of hogwash based on the so-called authority of this or that guru. As you read my many blogs, you will learn how what appears to many today to be a branch of Hinduism is in reality a front for a marketing campaign intended to dupe as many people as possible into financially supporting a fatalistic philosophy that denies the validity of modern science—they actually believe that the earth is a flat disk supported in the heavens by four elephants!—and ignores the advancement of women and minorities.

Welcome aboard and happy reading!


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