Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Imagine using a credit card, spending $10,000 and then telling the collection agency when they call that not only you have no intention of paying, but that they should “just get over it” and “let it go.” What response do you think you would get?

Sadly, the mothers and children of broken ISKCON(International Society for Krishna Consciousness)marriages, along with suffering extreme poverty, abuse and neglect of all kinds, have had their cries for just compensation muffled again and again by ISKCON apologists for the deadbeat husbands and fathers still hiding under the saffron curtain of “renunciation.” Indeed, a sanyasi who “renounces” his family is actually rewarded by being given the honorific title of “goswami,” while the wife and child/children he left to fend for themselves are brushed aside like so much garbage.

If an ISKCON sanyasi is permitted and even glorified for side-stepping his financial obligations to those he solemnly promised both in his temple ceremony and the civil court system to honor, love, and protect “till death do you part,” why do his associates allow it? Greed? Indifference? Misogyny? No, the real reason is COWARDICE, pure & simple. Perhaps sexual repression (and often, perversion) and blind adherence to irrational belief systems have to some extent diminished their manhood and turned them into knee-scrapers and foot-bathing parasites. However, nothing but a kind of all-pervasive spiritual rot has turned them into the bunch of COWARDS who, instead of eagerly promoting the welfare of women and children, act as the enablers of their abusers.

Gentlemen, remember that what really matters isn’t what you say, but what you DO! Going back to my analogy about unpaid credit card debt, most of us know from personal experience that unpaid bills grow and grow, accumulating interest until what you have is a mountain of debt. The same is true of the vast pile of unpaid alimony and child support that ISKCON men, sanyasi or not, have yet to pay, but mistakenly dismiss, thinking that they can dupe others into believing that their “service” has canceled all worldly debts. Sorry to jolt you fools out of your MAYA, but all you owe to your abandoned family is due and payable, and the longer it is withheld, the more interest it accumulates.

Worse, as I detailed below and in my website, criminal acts often accompany the abuse and neglect of former spouses and children, adding exponentially to the debts their abusers already owe. Make no mistake about it, many of these cases will end up in criminal and civil courts, while the more courageous advocates of these women will find other ways to avenge their honor if all else fails. In the meantime, the embassies and judicial administrations of their abuser’s host countries should be advised of the presence of these miscreants within their borders. And MEN OF ISKCON, try behaving like men and stop cowering before and empowering the saffron-skirted deadbeats whose flowery speeches and fundraising prowess cannot conceal that neglecting their responsibilities has pitifully shrunken their manhood into two useless, foul-smelling withered olives.


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