Monday, July 04, 2011


After more than a year in development, my new website, "The ISKCON Cult Unveiled" at is finally online. It will definitively reveal, for once and for all, how an irrational, deadly idealogy subverts normal ties to family and country.

The evidence to support this claim will be directly taken from the letters and other published writings of the founder of the Hare Krishna cult, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami ( also known as "Prabhupada"). For example, what follows is a transcription of an especially damning series of comments about this guru's views about women. (Please note: Trivikrama was a disciple of the swami and Dr. Patel was an early Indian admirer of the cult.)

Morning Walk, 9 January, 1977, Mumbai

Prabhupada: I condemn everyone, that “You are all dogs and hogs.” And United Nations a pack of dogs barking. That’s a fact. And in Chicago I said, all women, “You cannot have freedom. You have got only thirty-four-ounce brain, and man has got sixty-four-ounce.” I told them. So I became a subject of very great criticism.

Trivikrama: Women’s liberation.

Prabhupada: I denied, “No, you cannot have.” I told them. One girl in the airship, she was seeing like (makes some gesture-laughter). I asked her, “Give me 7-Up.” “It is locked now.” So I frankly said that “No, no. You cannot have equal rights because your brain is thirty-four ounce.” Actually that’s a fact. Where is woman philosopher, mathematician, scientist? Not a single.

Dr. Patel: Apart from that, I mean, they are made for a particular mission.

Prabhupada: How they can have equal rights? Up to date in the history there is not a single woman who is a great scientist or great philosopher or great…

Dr. Patel: Madame Curie was a…

Prabhupada: All bogus. (laughter)

Dr. Patel: You are getting too harsh on them because…

Prabhupada: No, no. How can I give you equal rights, because your brain is less substance.

Dr. Patel: We cannot degrade our mothers that way.

Prabhupada: It is not degrading. It is accepting the actual fact.

These statements are outrageously ignorant and complacent, but, worse, were accepted by legions of Western ISKCON disciples who should have immediately corrected the swami with the truth. Brainwashing, however, had succeeded in perverting the minds and actions of many young people who simply wasted their lives (and ruined many others) in the pursuit of an exotic delusion.

Comments and explanations will be included, but the purpose of this new website is for the damning information to speak for itself. It will hide nothing and, as such, its contents will be sensationalist in the best sense of the term. For example:
  • An original essay, "The Guru-Faking Business," which will offer an introduction and concise history of the descent of the ISKCON cult into the mire of criminal abuse;
  • It will also guide the reader to easily obtainable sources where the Swami's support of racism, child abuse, and the mistreatment of women are unmistakeable;
  • A handy resource for people to want to extricate a family member or friend from ISKCON (or any other cult) and need to familiarize themselves with the persuasive means that ensnare vulnerable souls.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. It usually pays one to trust gut feelings. The CONCEPT strictly of chanting, dancing, playing instruments can further our experience of the "divine nature" from a "frequency" scientific approach. Anyone may contact me if you would like to discuss sacred geometry.
On the other hand, the entrapment of participating as a woman (or man) is so dehumanizing and utterly hogwash. I participate in daily prayer and prasadam. Prayer in any language or system is still prayer. And the man who makes the prasadam is praying all during the whole prep of the food and I like his energy. It is so interesting - these decisions we have to make!

I have learned I CANNOT discuss anything with other devotees. The most closed minded group of people I have ever come across. In addition after digesting the Sanskrit and word definitions, I find almost every single "purport" is a man's interpretation. That the truth in the Vedic is not how it is interpreted at all. So I do my own thing.

What really got me the first day was my being told by the swami to bow down to him as low as I could go! Guess he never read the classic "If you Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him"!

Aside: I have to tell you that the sitting arrangement during prasadam is to sit "behind" the swami - real "kindness" haha. A shame of it all, really. I have found truth in miniscule.

Namas te, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Whoever started this blog space and other such sites exposing the truth about ISKCON, please, please do NOT stop your efforts. My friend has fallen hook,line and sinker for ISKCON and their lies and it is affecting his personal life, work as well as friendships/family relations. I visit your website to learn and tell him about ISKCON's dark history and discrimination against women. Thank you, and continue the good work.

Unknown said...

Any professional who has been formerly trained in Domestic Violence, psychology and offending behaviour within the criminal justice system of the Uk and read the transcript would clearly identify the power imbalances psychological and behavioural of a person with Issues of Domestic Violence. these are not the words of Hinduism or Vedic Teachings. No Religion can be founded by a man whether he be The King or A Pauper who speaks with words Such as these.....based upon empirical research and academic study these are words of Domestic Violence. I beg you all those in search of spiritual enlightenment do your due diligence on this man and his life and you will find the truth. Vedanta Philosophy is the 'blue print' of
Hindu Religion not ISKCON.....

DimoKo said...

I found the full audio . This Prabhupada looks like uneducated sham . I can't understand who will follow this person unless they are tricked by half truths. Thanks for saving me so much time.