Tuesday, March 30, 2010


How would you feel if someone you loved mistakenly entered a train station that was the target of terrorists, was killed, but later on you discovered that someone who suspected that something bad was going to take place fled the station without warning anybody? Was fear the reason, or simply cowardice? Whatever the reason might be, you would probably be furious and hold that person at least partially responsible. Dealing with these feelings in a world where terrorists have proved they can infiltrate our most familiar and trusted places is the topic of this essay.

As the recent bombing of the Moscow train station has taught us, betraying our trust by using the most unexpected terrorists to strike during broad daylight means that the sources of these menaces need to be wiped out first. Furthermore, people who are familiar with these terrorists need to step forward and offer their services. However, getting inside the minds of the offenders is the highest priority because something is rotting them from the inside out. Simply put, victims of discrimination and especially sexual abuse are ripe targets for recruiters who prey on their feelings of dispair. If you offer them a way to avenge themselves while going to what they seem to believe is Paradise, many will take the job offered to them even if it means killing and maiming countless others. True, some of these women bombers, like the "black widows" suspected in the Moscow bombings, have suffered the loss of their husbands and sons in the regional wars in Chechniya and other former Soviet republics, but what about the increase in women bombers in Afghanistan and Iraq?

We are clearly dealing with an atmosphere of mistrust and hopelessness that has a direct connection to the near-impossibility of the victims of domestic and sexual violence to confront their attackers as well as seek compensation for themselves in civil court and prison sentences for their abusers in criminal court. As the recent spate of cases of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy in Ireland and Germany has brought to light, the laws regarding Statues of Limitations for sexual abuse most often sabotage the efforts of these victims and their defenders to get any justice. In the U.S., an effort is being made to abolish the Statue of Limitations in regard to these crimes altogether due to the knowledge that it often takes many years for the victim to recover sufficiently to confront the abuse and seek justice. In Germany there has been talk of extending it to 30 years, but that might even be too little.

Cults and terrorists are allied, but worse yet, the fanaticism that kills is bred by both. Sadly, putting these miscreants in policy making positions has disasterous results (for a graphic description of the child abuse at Hare Krishna Gurukula schools that led to the Windle Turley lawsuit of 2000 please see All of the former Gurukula children who were victimized are bound to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to some degree and, if you read their accounts and have recently visited one of the lavish Hare Krishna temples recently, you will have to wonder if there is justice in the universe at all. Moreover, if you see a video of a madrassa and just imagine these students of Islam recruited to blow themselves up, the similarities become distressingly clear.

Well, as the saying goes, a fool is born every minute.



Malati dasi said...

Ekayani d d: You will learn from what I have described how closely cults and terrorists are allied, but worse yet, how the fanaticism that kills is bred by both.

How true! No wonder, nowadays, the neo-atheists want religion to banish on the face of the earth.

In some way, there is truth in the idea that ORGANIZED religion engenders closemindedness, extreme party spirit "us against the world", authoritarian hierarchy and coupled with hypocrisy, repression of how it is to be human and institutional closed system can make a good man turn into despicable acts. We only have to check out the facts of history to know these.

A person who honestly love God Krishna does not need an institution to have a relationship with God.

Organised religion is a business enterprise.

Very sorry to hear that you contracted that disease. Hope its completely gone now.

Malati d d - Australia

Anonymous said...

Hey old friend...I sympathize with you..This is great work you are doing, and you are very courageous. Although I'd like to remain anonymous for now, you may remember me as your bramacharini friend that you recomended "the brahmin"(stranger)for me to mary, and I did! And you were at the wedding...(inside joke) How can I get in touch with you? oh yeah, no grudges held for the marriage suggestion. I take full responsibility for following through with it.